Light sensors

Never stand in the dark. Save up to 44%.

The power of light.
Control. Adjust. Save.
The light sensor allows you to automate the management of your modules based on the conditions of light.

For example, you can switch on/off the outdoor lights in the garden, raise/lower the electric rolling-shutters or adjust the light intensity of the Illunaluce x lamps.

With you can..
  • Save on the electricity bill.
  • Automatically manage your lights.
  • Raise the rolling shutters after sunrise or lower them at sunset.
  • Operate your lawn sprinklers.
One sensor. Endless possibilities.
illunaluce x APP
A single APP for your entire home
illunaluce x
Our powerful APP, available for iOS and Android, give you the ability to manage, configure and program all you modules.

Manage all sensors from a single APP. made in Italy
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